Start you day with a delisious plate!...

--Includes Mexican rice, refried Pinto beans, your choice of tortilla: (3) Corn or (3) Flour--


*Aztec Plate- Asada steak, Cactus, Panela cheese and topped with our tasty Molcajete sauce.


*Chicken Fajita Plate- Grilled Chicken stripes, Bell peppers, Sliced onions, Diced tomatoes and Melted monterrey jack cheese.


*Beef Fajita Plate- Asada Steak, Bell peppers, sliced onions, Diced tomatoes and Melted moterrey jack cheese.


*Hard Shell Taco Plate- Comes with 2 hard shell tacos of your choise(beef or chicken) and the tacos are prepared with lettuce, salsa fresca and cheese.


*Asada Plate.        

*Grilled Chicken.       - Chopped up or Whole

*Pastor Plate.


*Carnitas Plate- Shredded pork *Cabeza Plate- Steamed Beef Cheak meat 


*Lengua Plate- Steamed Beef Tongue *Tripa Plate- Deep Fried Beef Small Intestine 


*Birria Plate- Shredded Beef meat cooked with spicy red broth


*Chorizo Plate- Grilled Spicy Red Pork Sausage .


*Chicken Enchiladas Plate- 2 Sweet and spicy red enchiladas or Hot green enchiladas, topped with cheese.

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